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       A little history about Shamoun:


      Named after a ‘warm desert wind’, Shamoun combines the elegance of the past with the comfort of the present. The 33-metre aluminum cutter was the last classic yacht to have been built in the 20th Century. She was designed by Andre Hoek and built by Klaasen Shipyard, Netherlands, in 1999 and launched just before the new millennium. The 33-metre luxury sailing yacht combines modern performance standards with classic grace.

      Constructed out of aluminum, her lifting keel allows entry into shallow harbours and secluded bays where other yachts of her size cannot venture. Her perfectly proportioned deckhouse and her deep and curling cockpit enhance her classic shape. The huge wheel, traditional binnacle and many dorades add to her timeless style. With her open-plan accommodation, Shamoun becomes a real home away from home. Offering an overall theme of subtle Honduras Mahogany and cream paneling with chestnut flooring, she eludes elegance and style whilst allowing an informal atmosphere. Charter guests can enjoy four double staterooms, all ensuite. Two of the staterooms can convert into a twin, for added flexibility for families or odd number parties.

      Yacht Shamoun runs with a crew of five. They are all professionals within their industry and strive to keep Shamoun in mint condition. They will ensure that guests on Shamoun have a splendid experience aboard Shamoun, and take home some magnificent memories.

      Yacht Shamoun is currently based in South East Asia, and has already done trips to Phuket, Thailand as well as the outer lying Islands, such as Phi Phi and the Simillian Islands. She has also traveled to the Islands of Myanmar and Singapore. She has been to the Island of Langkawi, off Malaysia and also Kota Kinabalu on the Malaysian side of Borneo. She has also recently traveled to the Andaman Islands off the coast of India.

      Shamoun has been to some of the world’s most beautiful destinations. She has explored some of the most beautiful coastlines in the Pacific, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. Our Guests have dived in some of the best diving grounds known to man and sipped cocktails while anchored off some of the most beautiful beaches. Shamoun has also taken part in some of the most well know Sail Yacht Races including the St Bart’s Bucket Regatta in St Bart’s, Caribbean. She has taken part in the Super yacht cup in Palma, Mallorca, Spain and the Les Voles in St Tropez, France.

      Yacht Shamoun has had three major refits since her Launch in 1999, one in 2008, one in 2011 and one in 2014. Her interior has been completely refurbished and updated (2014), while keeping true to her roots, of modern sophistication. 


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      3 April 2014

      Place: Langkawi


      We’re still at it in the yard, with a few more developments that have put us slightly behind schedule (about a month or so). Captain Dave is feeling the pressure, but he still has his big smile on, which leads us to believe all is well in the bigger scheme of things.

      All the departments have been working extremely hard in their sections.

      The Engineers have been working on getting all the auxiliary equipment clean, serviced and ready to go back into Shamoun.

      The Deck crew have been hard at it, sanding and re-painting the boom, cleaning and painting the engine room, getting it ready for our basically-brand new, (Scania) red and shiny engines to go back in, amongst other things.

      The Interior crew have been kept busy trying to keep the crew well fed and hydrated and making sure the apartments are clean and tidy.

      We have been doing a lot of adventuring over the weekends to try and take in as much of the local culture and sights as possible.

      Our stay in Langkawi has been made that much easier, with the help of some of our new friends.

      Firstly, Nick and Andy down as Asia Pacific Superyachts, who have helped tremendously with putting us in touch with the right people and being our general “go to” guys.

      Our accommodation has been sorted out by the kind ladies, Anne and Lyn, at Laguna Apartments, who have had to deal with our ever growing “Shamoun Army” resulting in us moving within the block 3 times.

      Most of our food has been purchased at Hegners. They are great for the harder to find “Western” goodies and the ladies and their team are always so friendly and full of smiles, it always makes my day going to see them!

      So as quickly as our “Shamoun Army” arrived, they’re all leaving again. Flores and Dyl were the first to leave (even though Flores will be back in a few weeks to Sea Trial with us), and there will be a few more “losses” over the next few weeks - which in one way is a good thing - it means Shamoun’s yard period is coming to a close - but also sad to say goodbye to all the friends we’ve made.

      So from the bottom of our hearts, a warm and grateful THANK-YOU for all your help and hard work, and a massive SHAMOUN GOODBYE, till next time!


      The Shamoun Team

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